Avonflow Anniversary Day Charity Event


July 28th is the 14th anniversary of the founding of Avonflow. In order to promote the Chinese nation's respect for the old and the traditional virtues, the young people's awareness of respect and care for the elderly is strengthened, on Sunday morning, Avonflow Anniversary Charity Event was successfully held in the Nursing Home of Puyan Street, Binjiang District, Hangzhou. A total of 11 staff participated in the event, representing Avonflow to the old people, sent the best wishes.


The world of the widowed old man is very monotonous. There are no descendants of his sons and daughters. Without the shackles of his wife, they are a group of people who are easily forgotten in society but need more care and greetings.


Although the sun is burning, it can't stop the enthusiasm of Avonflow employees to participate in public welfare activities. At 9 o'clock in the morning, the Avonflow employee representative team put on a uniform company uniform and went to the Nursing Home of Puyan Street in Binjiang District on time. After simply communicating with the person in charge of the nursing home, the Avonflow Anniversary Public Day was officially launched.


The event kicked off from the conference hall of the Nursing Home. After a short opening speech by our Avonflow partners, the general speech introduced the process of Avonflow's charity event to the elderly.



In order to enrich the life of the elderly in their later years, the first thing to start is the interest in manual DIY production activities. Under the guidance of Avonflow's staff, when the event has not yet begun, the old people have a strong interest and are eager to try.


During the activity, the old people help each other. For those who don’t understand, our staff patiently guide and encourage, and teach hands-on. Although some old people are older, they are more difficult to learn, their eyes are not good, and their hands are not flexible, their enthusiasm for learning hand-painting has not been reduced. The old people still worked very hard to match the materials, and the meticulous DIY completed their own paintings.



Afterwards, the singing performances brought by the representatives of Avonflow's staff made the old people smile on their faces. The old people clapped their hands for our little friends. The quiet old nursing home was full of laughter and laughter. 


After the show, the representative of Avonflow talked about sending the Avonflow electric towel rack to the elderly in the nursing home and personally demonstrated how to install the electric towel rack.



After the installation, colleagues from the E-commerce Department also explained to the elderly the use and function of the Avonflow electric towel rack. The elderly listened carefully and appraised the Avonflow electric towel rack so smart and convenient.


In a burst of laughter and happiness, the Avonflow Anniversary Charity Event of “Prospering Love” was successfully concluded. The event brought blessings and happiness to the old people by giving Avonflow electric towel racks and performances. The elderly who received the greetings said that they were very grateful to the staff of Avonflow for their kind care and help, so that they had a very happy day.