2019 China Comfortable Household Conference

With the upgrading of people's consumption concept, the comfortable home field has become an indispensable part of the home improvement industry chain; in the case of continuous upgrading of consumption, the comfortable home industry has also developed from it.


9-11 July, 2019, Innovation Drive · Prospective Future -2019 China Comfortable Household Conference was held in Wuhan City.


As the “leader” of the domestic HVAC industry and the maker of the Chinese electric towel rack industry standard, Avonflow was invited to attend the conference to help the future development of the comfortable home industry.


More than 60 exhibitors participated in the exhibition, and the number of participants exceeded 1,200. The scale and influence of the conference reached a new climax in the industry. The conference held the first China Wall-mounted Furnace Channel Business Summit, the first China Air Source Heat Pump Two-Supply Channel Business Summit, the 7th China Fresh Air Purification Industry Summit Forum, the 3rd China Whole House Water Purification Industry Summit Forum and 2019 China Comfortable Home Industry Trade fair.


In the conference, Avonflow won two awards with honor.


At the comfortable home conference gathered by excellent enterprises, Avonflow has successfully won the "2019 Comfortable Home Conference Annual Outstanding Contribution Award" and "2018 China Comfortable Home Industry Best-selling Brand" with its strong strength, high-quality products and influence in the industry. "Double honorary title. This not only contains the user's recognition and support for Avonflow, but also an affirmation of the industry's contribution and efforts to Avonflow!


All along, the development of Avonflow has been obvious to all. Not only has it steadily advanced in the domestic market, but also has gradually established the image of an international brand in overseas markets, playing a strong voice in the era of cooperation and win-win.


Honor is a recognition and an incentive. In the future, Avonflow will remain committed to its role as a model, and combine the development of the market to create new and more reliable, comfortable and intelligent electric towel rack products, helping the comfortable home industry to take a new step. .