Avonflow passed the FSC Certification

 In recent years, with the increasingly prominent global climate problem and the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection, the concept of sustainable development has received more and more attention. As a company with social responsibility, Avonflow has always practiced the concept of green and sustainable development, focusing on improving the quality of family life and the living environment, and promotes the sustainable development of human environment, health and safety.

 Recently, with the adherence to the concept of environmental protection and the practice of the sustainable social development, Avonflow was recognized by the international authoritative environmental protection agency, successfully passed the global stringent FSC international forest management system certification, and obtained the FSC-COC industry regulatory chain certification certificate. This not only gives Avonflow a "pass" to further explore the international market, but also marks another big step forward on the road of low-carbon environmental protection and green manufacturing.

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), founded in 1993, is a non-profit international organization initiated by the World Wide Fund for Nature. Its purpose is to unite people around the world to solve forest damage caused by improper logging. It promotes responsible management and development of forests, and encourages forest owners, operators and the entire supply chain to practice environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable sustainable development through certification.

Getting FSC-COC industrial Chain of custody certification means that Avonflow has passed the chain supervision and confirmation from raw material procurement, storage, production to sales, etc., to ensure that the wood comes from a certified forest, that is, from a forest with high-quality management and sustainable development. In other words, the product packaging of Avonflow electric towel rack is made of FSC forest certified paper material, which greatly reduces the environmental impact on the forest.

Besides packaging, in the product R&D, design, manufacturing and other links of electric towel rack, Avonflow has been practicing the concept of green environmental protection. Starting from the excellent research and development of new products, Avonflow continues to independently research and develop new products, new materials, new processes and new technologies with high technology content, focusing on providing consumers with high standard green products. With innovative production technology as the breakthrough point, we will continue to promote the construction of smart factories, drive the transformation of production mode by promoting intelligent, digital and networked production of electric towel rack, so as to improve the management level of energy, resources and environment, and enable green manufacturing.

The walker goes far, and the road of struggle is long. With the accelerating development of Avonflow, more and better innovative technologies and products will be implemented, and its green, sustainable and high-quality development road will be more and more open.