Mr. Larry, President of Westinghouse Global, visited Westinghouse (Hangzhou) Industrial Park

The autumn is bright and the sun is shining. At the closing of the Westinghouse Asia Pacific Summit, Mr. Larry, the global president of Westinghouse, led a Westinghouse delegation to visit and guide the Westinghouse (Hangzhou) Industrial Park.

       Mr. Li Guowei, the chairman of Westinghouse (Hangzhou) Industrial Park, welcomed Mr. Larry and his team with his team, and led a team to visit Westinghouse (Hangzhou) Industrial Park's product display center, production workshop, laboratory, and the living environment of the park. At the product exhibition center, Li Dong explained the development history of the center, the honor of the park, the product system, and the performance of the representative products. The delegation was satisfied with the current layout of the product center, and gave high praise to the future development of the park. Expectation.

        After listening to Li Dong ’s detailed analysis of the Westinghouse (Hangzhou) Industrial Park, Mr. Larry was more affirmed the results of the booming development of the Westinghouse brand in the Chinese market and was more confident about the future layout of Westinghouse in China. I believe that with the accelerated investment of the Westinghouse brand, Will provide Chinese consumers with more and better products and services.

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